serpentTools.readDepmtx(filePath, sparse=True)

Simple entry point to obtain data from depletion matrix files

  • filePath (str) – Path of file to be read

  • sparse (bool) – If this is True, attempt to construct a sparse depletion matrix, rather than a dense matrix. Requires scipy. If scipy is not installed, a full matrix will be returned


  • dt (float) – Length of depletion interval

  • n0 (numpy.ndarray) – 1D vector of initial isotopics. Ordered according to zai vector

  • zai (numpy.ndarray) – 1D vector of ZZAAAI isotope identifiers

  • A (numpy.ndarray or scipy.sparse.csc_matrix) – Depletion matrix governing decay/production of isotopics. Will be a sparse matrix if sparse was passed as True and scipy is installed.

  • n1 (numpy.ndarray) – 1D vector of isotopics after depletion event.