Coding Style¶

For the most part, this project follows the PEP 8 standard with a few differences. Some points are included here

  • 79 characters per line

  • Four spaces per indentation level

  • Avoiding extraneous whitespace:

    Yes: spam(ham[1], {eggs: 2})
    No:  spam( ham[ 1 ], { eggs: 2 } )

Some of the specific style points for this project are included below

  • mixedCase for variables, methods, and functions

  • CamelCase for classes:

    class DemoClass(object):
        def doSomething(self, arg0, longerArgumentName):
  • Directly call the __init__ method from a parent class, e.g.:

    class MyQueue(list):
        def __init__(self, items):
  • Arrange imports in the following order:

    1. imports from the standard library: os, sys, etc.

    2. imports from third party code: numpy, matplotlib, etc.

    3. imports from the serpentTools package

  • Longer import paths are preferred to shorter:

    # yes
    from import function
    # not preferred
    import really